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Welcome to the Official SOAR Team Fundraising Website!

Students Off And Running is an Official Charity of the 2017 SKECHERS Los Angeles Marathon!

The Santa Clarita Track Club's SOAR program establishes running groups at local Valley high schools and supports a six month 380 mile, full marathon training experience. Each running group operates under the guidance of volunteer adult coaches who train mile for mile with student participants. Coaches may be teachers, school staff or community members and need not have prior running experience. SOAR offers a fully supported, Los Angeles Marathon training experience to youth in need ages 13-18 at no cost to participants or their families. Students who commit to the 24 week training season are covered for all event registration fees, equipment, uniforms, transportation, and training supplies at a cost of approximately $1,000 per participant. SOAR maintains a unique 6:1 student-coach ratio allowing for valuable one-on-one adult-student interaction. Weekly goals are set in a non-competitive environment that stresses endurance building as opposed to speed. Starting with one mile the first week participants gradually run additional miles each week until they are prepared to take on the 26.2 mile Los Angeles Marathon.

During training, coaches emphasize messages about personal commitment, nutrition, exercise, conditioning, injury prevention and general well-being. Coaches also use this time to mentor students and create a supportive environment where students can talk about personal, family and academic challenges and develop the confidence to apply themselves and overcome those challenges.

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